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Leveraging Technology to create a
range of Security Products

Acuiti Labs is proud to offer our clients a strong portfolio of security products that are built using the latest technologies. We offer versatile products that can be used by both businesses and individual customers.


Speech-based search and find video using Neural Networks based speech recognition, with object and people recognition, coupled with search and find. Use backward and fast-backward functions to find any point in the video with certain words and phrases. Speech function allows the user to find any point in the video with certain objects and people, as well as controlling the video player.

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A small self-contained security video device, Cloud compute platform and mobile application. The device has a built-in video camera, a sensing device, communication hardware, and in-built video analytic capabilities. It operates both overtly and covertly and delivers real-time alerting via Cloud-based video analytics on locally captured video triggered by events.

CCTV Sanus

Enables use of existing cameras installed in various public and private establishments that are privately owned with local recorders. Simply add Sanus to access on-cloud video recording as a back-up. The system owner also gets premium health monitoring alerts, face recognition, white and blacklist alerts.

ACP Acuiti Cloud Platforms

An open platform designed to support multiple video analytics capability and forms the base for Captare and CCTVSanus, through providing the admin and analytical capability for other Acuiti products and services. ACP has inbuilt services for video analytics, face recognition, AI-based object recognition, and alert management services.

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