All you need to know about ‘SAP BRIM’/ ‘SAP Hybris Billing’ and the Transformation using BRIM

Introduction to SAP BRIM

SAP BRIM, also known as SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, is basically a high-volume usage-based solution that is mainly designed to ease the complex billing an invoicing process. Generally, it is used in industries like energy, telecom, utilities etc. but its usage in other similar areas is also increasing rapidly.

Let’s talk about a few real-life examples to understand what SAP Billing Revenue Innovation Management or what we call it ‘SAP BRIM’ is! We all use credit cards. Right? The credit cards that come with a predefined credit limit. Have you ever wondered what helps them know that you have exceeded the credit limit for this month? Well, the answer is SAP BRIM. Similar is the case when your operators know that you’ve already consumed the 1GB data from your broadband quota and SAP BRIM does this for them. Including the above two examples, Billing Revenue

Innovation Management or BRIM is a basically an end-to-end cross-industry solution that is a combination of SAP Sales Order and Management, SAP Convergent Charging, SAP Convergent Invoicing and SAP Customer Financial Management.

BRIM, with further innovations, has been transformed and given a new name as ‘Hybris Billing’. SAP Hybris Billing speed up the billing process while increasing the transparency across the complete revenue management process that includes customer engagement and revenue recognition.

SAP Hybris billing is an innovation that gives businesses a power to coordinate and work in a more profitable way with their partners/customers. It eases the entire process of selling and re-selling of products and services and sharing revenue in the most appropriate way. SAP Hybris Billing allows you to simulate the latest pricing models and thus help you to create targeted offers both for products as well as services. While helping businesses with all this, SAP Hybris Billing comes with another advantage of having a proper control over distribution and fulfillment across the complete billing cycle. This means focusing on customer retention and innovation is more simplified now.

The Transformation of SAP BRIM / SAP Hybris Billing –

SAP focuses on giving its BRIM customer, an incorporated customer experience under the SAP C4C/CEC umbrella. CEC here means Customer engagement and commerce and the products that comes under this umbrella includes Hybris Commerce Suite/Hybris Marketing & C4C.

SAP Hybris Billing aims at using ADT (Audience discovery and targeting) that is provided by Hybris Marketing for BRIM customers

SAP is intended to provide an easy yet much more efficient user Interface to existing/new BRIM Customers

SAP is also focusing on bringing BRIM to be on HANA platform.

What are the Advantages of Transformed Hybris Billing Solution (BRIM)

Here are a few practical use cases to make the concept of transformation from BRIM to Hybris Billing more clear

Practical Use Case 1 –

SAP Hybris Billing provides Unified Customer Experience –

When customer goes to a phone store to buy a phone and data plan and due to some reason, the purchase couldn’t be completed at the store. Now, customer goes home, opens the website of the store (on which the user was already registered, as the account was created when the customer was in store), logs in, finds the order that was left incomplete in the store and finishes the order placement with the same offers. SAP Hybris Billing / SAP BRIM has made this possible.

Practical Use Case 2 –

SAP BRIM/Billing helps in Finding, Reaching and Targeting Right Audience –

A customer purchases a high-end smart phone online with his account. Few days later, when the customer logs in to his account on the internet, he/she sees an advertisement offering some discount on the compatible accessory of the recent high-end phone that he/she purchased from the same account.

SAP Hybris billing eases and automates the entire billing and ordering processes from the cloud, combining various billing streams to produce a bill of single invoice.