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SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)

Accelerating Sales Cycles with SAP C4C

SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer) accelerates deal cycles by allowing sales reps to easily access relevant data from
anywhere at any given time, making each customer interaction count.

About SAP C4C

The flexible platform automates end-to-end sale cycles into a centralised and user-friendly platform for sales reps, helping them easily manage all interactions with prospect customers and existing customers. Unlike other services in the sales automation market, SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer) can be configured to suit both B2B and B2C business models, making it the perfect all-rounded cross-industry solution.

Cloud for customer

Key Features

Real-time Analytics

Sales reps can automatically add contacts, update records and gain insights for new potential opportunities, saving time and risk of repetition. Teams also benefit from real-time contract negotiations to meet client requirements, improving sales and organisational efficiency.

Enhance Customer Experience

Facilitates customisation within each buying cycle per the needs of the client by converting back-office data into front-end solutions for the customer, providing clear and concise visuals, resulting in improved customer experiences
and monetary returns.

Device Independent Selling

A change in location, time or device will no longer remain obstacles when selling, as sales automation allows continuous transactions irrespective of these factors. Sales teams can connect with customers in real-time conversations, simultaneously track activities and performances offline.

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