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SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Close deals faster by streamlining the process of creating, negotiating and storing the Contracts with CLM

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) automates the negotiation of contracts, speeds up approvals, enables effective change management while keeping track of redlining via a secure portal.

About Contract Lifecycle
Management (CLM)

SAP CLM or Contract Lifecycle management enables businesses with an opportunity to increase productivity along with cost saving. SAP CLM makes contract renewal faster and easier thus making the process smooth for businesses and their customers.

Businesses deal with a lot of active contracts running simultaneously that might have different terms and conditions, here CLM can be of great help. CLM automates the complete process by ensuring contract compliance, capturing valuable data thus resulting in long term, significant benefits.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) process includes following steps –

  • Contract Drafting.
  • Authoring and Negotiation.
  • Storage Repository.
  • Managing Contract Change and Compliance.
  • Contract Renewal/extension.
  • Optimisation of Contract.
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SAP Contract Lifecycle Management

Key Features

Advanced Online Negotiation Workspace

CLM’s ultimate goal is to save time and help business in closing the deal faster. While using CLM, you get an advanced online negotiation workspace where you can easily collaborate and track changes in real-time, so that you get the deals to the finish line faster.

Complete Assistance with
Clause Library

Contract Lifecycle Management CLM has its own easy-to-use interface that provides complete assistance to the salespeople and/ or legal professionals working on the contracts. The clause library has a preapproved, already templated drag-and-drop workflow to make the process easy.

Power of the Suite

The best part of using CLM is its ability to get interconnected with other applications like CPQ, thus providing deeper insight into deal health.

Manages Approval Workflow

Reduce time to market with CLM as it eliminates any blockages that might occur during approvals etc. Get contract approvals faster and decrease time to revenue with SAP CLM.

Stronger Integration

CLM offers you the flexibility to integrate with wide range of CRMs that you are comfortable with and thus allowing you to access contracts on a single platform.

Single-Source Repository

Get the added advantage of storing agreements in a single online repository with CLM. This helps businesses in getting optimised visibility, better compliance, and improved analysis capabilities.

All the features mentioned above make SAP CLM the best solution to manage any contract management cycle resulting in faster processing of contracts.

From contract drafting, it’s management to its completion, SAP CLM supports businesses to simplify their entire process. SAP CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) plays an important role in closing deals faster and growing your business.

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