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SAP Commissions

Maximising Sales Performances with
SAP Commissions

SAP Commissions is a unique platform which helps align sales performances with company goals through
the end-to-end management of compensation plans, targets and payments.

About SAP Commissions

The platform provides sales divisions with all the necessary tools to motivate, manage, on-board sales reps, and approve commission payments from a single platform. SAP Commissions comes with built in templates and a wide range of add-ons which can be included in any compensation plan through a simple drag and drop, making it the perfect well-rounded sales performance management system.

SAP Commissions

Key Features

Smart Analytics and Reporting

Creates user-friendly reports using AI technology to fetch and analyse data, followed by distributing reports to relevant stakeholders including management teams, finance divisions
and sales reps.

Dispute Management

Streamlines raising and processing disputes by providing teams with complete transparency, reducing human errors and over-payments.

Configurable Design Plans

Easily configured without coding, allowing operators to customise each compensation plan to suit different sales reps without having to rely on IT divisions. Platform also comes with a forecasting tool wherein new plans can be created and tested to understand financial implications before assigning the compensation plan to a sales rep.

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