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SAP Data Cloud

Converting Visitors into Customers
With SAP Data Cloud

SAP Customer Data Cloud provides a safe environment, ensures the customer journey is user-friendly, and provides better customer engagement opportunities for businesses. The Cloud platform offers a highly secure, transparent, and flexible digital experience, making it the perfect analytical platform for driving revenue.

SAP Data Cloud

This solution provides businesses with a holistic view of their customers and their requirements, which creates better opportunities for marketers to interact with the customers. Building trust and giving customers complete control of their data are known to encourage repeat purchases, and the SAP solution can help businesses carry out all the above.

Key features


Customer Profiling

Based on the requirements and preferences, provides support to the customers and stores the consent records for up to seven, which can be accessed at any time.


User-experience Customisation

Provide customers with complete authority to manage their own experience through customisable and self-service preference centres, which can enable them to exercise their data subject rights under GDPR and other regional
data protection regulations.

Data Management

Data management helps customers keep track over the data that is being processed across every channel, ensuring each consent and preference is consistently enforced throughout
the buying lifecycle.

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