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SAP Marketing Cloud

Improve the Customer Journey
with SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud allows businesses to tailor each customer buying journey, using smart analytics and AI technologies. The Cloud-based platform provides business users with a holistic view of the customer, from collecting data on purchasing habits and interests amongst others.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Tailored marketing content puts businesses in stronger and more effective positions to intelligently engage with their customers and potential customers, encouraging higher profits, customer loyalty, and improved brand awareness.

Key features

Interacting with Sales Teams

Marketing and sales divisions go hand in hand, yet many companies still experience a disconnect between the two. SAP’s Marketing solution bridges the gap between the two departments to maximise on lead engagement, resulting in
improved monetary returns.

Campaign Management

Effective campaigns are the result of identifying, researching and nurturing the correct target audience, and businesses can successfully manage all three through SAP Marketing Cloud. Clear consumer organisation and the tools to conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns drive the best interactions from consumers, and this solution can do all the above from a central system.

Performance Tracking

SAP Marketing Cloud uses smart analytics to evaluate how effective marketing materials such as campaigns, and social media posts are in addition to helping the user create them. The Cloud-platform analyses engagement metrics and creates executive level reports to identify and present findings.

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