Acuiti Labs works with organisations of all sizes, from pre-revenue startups and high-growth SMEs to large corporates. Our clients belong to a number of industries and verticals and their needs vary accordingly.

The thing that unites them is decisive leadership – founders and startups come to us to help turn their ideas into a reality, and larger companies come to us for our vision and agility. Regardless of your industry and vertical, we are the right partner to power your business technology.

Stiff regulations, multi-channel customer experiences, the arrival of new digital disruptors and the emergence of blockchain & cryptocurrencies are forcing financial institutions to break the monotony and bring about a change in processes, products and services. Banks are embracing the Cloud, adopting AI, robotics and further harnessing big data.

But the biggest challenge that the industry is facing today is the burden of legacy technology, whose maintenance and migration swallows up budgets. With progress slow and costly, the job falls to third party providers to innovate and provide cost-effective technology solutions.

Acuiti Labs, with its profound expertise in financial services and its deep consultancy experience could be your best choice to overcome these hurdles.

The modern Insurance landscape offers unparalleled opportunity for disruption and transformation. Pressed by new digital market entrants, facing the challenge of legacy technology and struggling to engage with millennials - carriers are forced to adapt to new consumer trends and appeal to a generation turning its collective back on traditional models & insurance products.

To do this, insurers must harness the power of digital innovation, both internally and externally – through building agile internal innovation teams and engaging with external providers than can innovate and bring powerful digital transformation to revolutionise user experiences and deliver new revenue streams.

Acuiti Labs' technology experts can assist with legacy migration, help navigate the stormy seas of regulatory compliance and deliver new product developments to better engage with customers.

With Consumer Spend taking its first January dive for five years in 2018, retailers must take every opportunity to harness emerging and existing technologies to drive improved customer engagement and bring seamless retail experiences to both the store and the home.

Using a host of technologies, from mobile apps and beacons to AI and augmented reality, retailers are changing the face of modern retail. Whether it is virtual dressing rooms with AR mirrors, frictionless buying with voice assistants or simply great mobile UX – Acuiti Labs can help retailers stay ahead of the competition

Acuiti Labs can help you with the following in the Retail industry –

The Energy and Utility Industry is being forced to economise and also innovate to compete with disrupting renewable energy providers. Given the long-developing drop in consumer revenue in the energy market, the Industry has to adapt to consumer trends and invest in more efficient equipment and monitoring solutions. Thermostat apps, smart home technology and Big Data are all important parts of the picture.

We at Acuiti Labs, being technology experts and having a team with huge experience in technologies like AI, Internet of Things (IoT), Automation and Analytics can help organisations adapt to emerging technologies and consumer trends – helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Acuiti Labs can help you with the following in the Energy and Utility industry –

The media and entertainment sector has continued to evolve ever since it came into the picture. Media companies are quickly becoming digital natives, leveraging AR/VR and more targeted advertising technology. Greater access to data will drive this growth, with Big Data & Analytics providing more robust metrics to the advertising industry.

Acuiti Labs are multimedia experts, on both the middleware & kernel levels. Our experts design, reverse-engineer and analyse video codecs, encoders, decoders and transcoders to power the work of media companies. From set-top box manufacturers to streaming services, our expertise makes us the perfect multimedia development partner.

Areas where Acuiti Labs can help in media and technology industry –

Similar to the Retail industry bringing emerging technology to the home, the Travel & Hospitality Industry faces high demand from customers for an all-inclusive travelling experience. Customers want to engage more with hotel staff, receive a more frictionless booking workflow, try-before-you-buy with AR & VR and receive superior customer service.

By leveraging mobile technology, IoT, chatbots & AR/VR, the Travel & Hospitality Industry can respond to growing customer demand for personalisation and stay ahead of the competition. Acuiti Labs recognise how a good travelling experience can help customers create long-lasting memories and our domain experts can help deliver innovative solutions for your customers.

Transportation and logistics is facing rapid disruption and more high-profile ways than most. Digital native competitors are challenging established norms and companies are forced to adapt. The transportation & logistics industry must embrace emerging technologies in robotics, big data & analytics, autonomous vehicles & automated fleet management in order to compete in a changing marketplace.

The need for robust transportation & logistics strategies is not going away, and our team of industry experts can provide the range of solutions to deliver more efficient and reliable service with our expertise in IoT, connected cars, and big data.

The fact that technology and business today are inextricably linked cannot be denied. Even the most established technology companies are finding it difficult to keep pace with emerging technologies and changing customer expectations. From ERP software, to legacy technology and new product developments, the pressure to deliver new product developments, while keeping ahead of support & maintenance, is not trivial.

This is where Acuiti Labs can help. Our team can help bear the load of application support & Maintenance, or we can deliver innovative product developments as an outsourced team and help you to cut costs and focus on your core business. Our SAP experts can also provide cost-effective implementations and developments.

Connectivity is at the heart of technology trends in the Communications Industry. The emergence of 5G presents great opportunities in the fields of IoT, Mobile Technologies and Smart Cities. These developments also come with regulatory pressures in the form of GDPR, so the Industry is forced to focus both on innovation and compliant data management.

Acuiti Labs expertise in emerging technologies and data management make us ideal as a technology partner to the Communications Industry, leveraging Mobile, IoT and Big Data to help companies stay ahead of the competition and prevent revenue-damaging data leaks.

The Manufacturing industry is facing technology disruption at every level, from ERP software to production, control and field levels. Intelligence is taking a front seat. Improvements in internet connectivity onsite, both through Wi-Fi and mobile networks, have enabled the implementation of IoT solutions, Big Data & Analytics, AI and Robotics to improve productivity and give even more adept control over machinery and lead time.

There also exist great opportunities for mobility on the field level, from work order management to asset tracking using RFID technology – improving health & safety and reducing human error. Acuiti Labs' deep experience in Heavy Industry and our SAP Silver partner status, makes us well-placed to assist your digital transformation.

Acuiti Labs can help you with the following in the Retail industry –

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